Libobi Group of companies comprises of entities incorporated in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, England and various JV Ventures in South Africa and in different parts of the world.

Our group of companies consist of various skills set, ranging from accounting, legal, IT, investments, marketing communication, events and entertainment to name a few. Our goal is one, and that is to give our clients a holistic bouquet of specialised products and services.


Libobi Group aims to be a leader in the African business environment by providing products and services that:

  • is up to date and relevant in an African context;
  • is solution-orientated and solves immediate needs and caters for future growth;
  • is sustainable and benefits the communities where we operate.


Libobi Group values can be summarized as follows:

  • People – we value our people and this partnership drives all that we do
  • Diligence – all our skills, expertise and resources is to be employed to our clients’ benefit
  • Africa – our home is Africa and we will strive to make a lasting contribution to its growth and posterity
  • Environment – we will strive every day to champion good environment policies and actions