At Libobi Group we understand that starting a business from scratch is a life-changing experience. Not only that, but a life-long learning journey. Success is an accumulation of every day actions, failures and victories. We would like to walk, drive or fly with you during this journey.

Our assembled teams bring tremendous expertise and experience to help you navigate the corporate jungle, as it were. From administrative, financial, strategic, sales and technical know-hows, we aim to add value to you as the entrepreneur, staff and organization as a whole.

Our consulting solutions align to the GPS concept, which can be interpreted forward or backward:

  • S – the attainment of long-term strategic goals
  • P – the set up of the business processes (system) enables the organization reach its objectives, short, medium and long term
  • G – goals or objectives drive the daily actions through processes towards the long-term strategy

We can assist you structure or re-structure your business through:

  • Management consulting;
  • Setting internal controls and policies; and
  • Financial management solutions;